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Onze nieuwe trainer/coach van D1: Grant Thomson

D1  |  6-6-2016

I started playing hockey when I was 7 years old for my local club and I learned to like hockey and over time me liking hockey turned into love and it's not my passion and it's took me into a career as a professional trainer coach, my journey has gave me the chance to be at some amazing clubs and meet some amazing people but now my journey brings me Oirschot where I promise to give everything I have and everything I don't have to ensure the Dames1 become a 2nd class team and higher and that the youth are given the chance to develop and reach their full potential.

I feel happy and honoured to be given the position of Dames 1 trainer coach for the up coming season, as a man from Scotland it's always special when a Dutch club want to commit to me and in return I will commit to the club and over the upcoming months you will see I am a small Scottish man but I pack a punch and am full of passion and I hope to continue what the club has been doing for the last 40 odd years and keep bringing success to Oirschot.


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